IRS Form 1023 is the primary document required by the Federal Government in order for a charity or corporation to be granted tax-exempt status. The main body of the form is 12 pages long, which is followed by 14 pages of 8 appendments (or schedules, as the IRS calls them). The 8 schedules are required for organizations that are operating in the following areas:

  • Schedule A for Churches
  • Schedule B for Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • Schedule C for Hospitals and Medical Research Organizations
  • Schedule D for Section 509(a)(3) Supporting Organizations
  • Schedule E for Organizations Not Filling Form 1023 within 27 Months of Formation
  • Schedule F for Homes for the Elderly or Handicapped and Low-Income Housing
  • Schedule G for Successors to Other Organizations
  • Schedule H for Organizations Providing Scholarships or other Educational Grants


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